About Walk About Pet Products

We are pleased to announce that our family is growing with the purchase of Walk About Pet Products on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.  We come to you with a rich history spanning over 75 years. Our company is committed to innovation, the highest quality standards, service, and earning your business. With our management and combined experience there is a total of 169 years in the pet treat/meat snacks industry. That is an average of 28 years per person. With us, you can buy with confidence.

Walk About Pet, LLC is now located inNew Holland Pennsylvania, the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Our facilities sit nestled in the foothills of the Welsh Mountains.  Where Old World quality is a way of life which is carried over in our Company, through our products, our employees and our customers.  All our warehouses are FDA, USDA, and PA State Ag. Regulated. We are an SQF Level 2 plant, and we are registered in all 50 states. We choose to do business the only way we know how by combining service, quality, and value to our customers. We are innovative enough to listen to your ideas and give you the exact product and service you are looking for.

You have a whole new team to work with and we are excited to get know you and your business.  Walk About Pet, LLC wants to help your business grow with, outstanding customer service, exceptional shipping, quality products from the current line of pet foods and treats you are familiar with as well as some new ones coming in the near future.  There is a history of reliability and strength behind our company starting with the proven knowledge and experience of Ted Cundiff, Sr. the President and Owner, Ted has formed a team committed to the high standards of excellence he always demands.