According to recent research figures by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention almost 53% of dogs, and 58% of cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Another worrying fact is that heart, liver and kidney diseases are on the rise in the canine world and are almost at epidemic levels. Worrying statistics for dog-lovers everywhere but a lot of these medical problems can be avoided if you feed your dog healthy food.

Be Aware

As is the case with humans, dogs too, are what they eat. You wouldn’t feed your child on a diet of junk food or food that was bad them so why should you do it to your best friend? The following are some things to be aware of when next purchasing a can of your dog’s favorite food:

  • Fast Food – A lot of commercial dog food is nothing more than processed fast food. Relatively inexpensive to produce due to using heavily-processed (and cheap) meats, canned and packaged dog foods line the supermarket shelves and are sold by the millions every day. Not all commercial dog food is inferior quality but you should be aware of what exactly the food contains. High-quality and uniquely sourced proteins in food such as those produced by American company Walk About Pet Products are a safe bet when looking for a premium line to feed your pup.
  • Human Food – Contrary to the so-called “facts” often quoted by big-brand pet food manufacturers, the same food we eat is good for dogs and why shouldn’t it be. Of course, common sense will tell you that a dog won’t eat a hot curry dish but the meats, breads and vegetables that are good for us are also good for our furry friends.
  • Poor Quality – Legally, dog food can contain meat from dead or dying animals as well as from those that are disabled or diseased. Quality control levels at some dog food producing factories would be laughable if the matter weren’t so serious. This is especially true of dog and other pet foods originating in the Far East. As a rule of thumb, the cheaper the dog food – the cheaper the contents and the riskier for your pet.
  • Misleading Labels – Many dog food manufacturers have joined the club that claim their product is “complete and balanced”. This may sound terrific but all it means is that the product meets a minimal theoretical health requirement. Another favorite is boasting about the success of feeding trials. The statistics produced may be valid but trials are only carried out on small numbers of dogs and for a very short time span.
  • Foods to Avoid – While most everyday foods are safe to give to dogs there are a few that should be avoided. Cooked bones can cause serious health problems while grapes, raisins and sweetening agent Xylitol are other no-no’s. Definitely to be avoided is chocolate as this can be toxic to dogs in extreme cases. When giving your dog a treat, try something different, healthy and nutritious such as Goat, Chicken, Wild Boar or even Kangaroo Jerky from Walk About Products.
  • Variety – Variety in our diet is something we take for granted. In this way we get different minerals and vitamins but avoid eating the same foodstuffs every day of the week. Dogs too need variety in their diet for the same reasons. Don’t just stick to the same tried and tested foodstuffs simply because your dog always eats it. Yes, he probably likes it just fine but, if he could talk, he would probably express a desire for something a little different just for a change. If change is what you and your dog require, why not try Wild Boar with Rosemary or Wild Kangaroo with Green Beans? It doesn’t get much different than that!
  • Be Wary of Corn – Corn is often used in processed dog foods as it is a cheap filling ingredient. However, this is feed corn used for feeding cattle and there is no upper limit on the levels of pesticides used during growing. Apart from that, corn is also fattening. Premium dog foods such as those produced by Walk About use all-natural ingredients and are both healthy and nutritious.

Go Walk About

An ideal dog’s diet should contain a variety of foods and be of high-quality. Both of these requirements can be met by Walk About Products. The Australian company uses only top quality ingredients and when it comes to variety it is hard to top Kangaroo, Goat, Wild Boar and Brushtail Possum.

All the company’s dog foods and treats contain vital Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and are packed full of nutrients and vitamins to keep your dog fit and healthy as well as building strong muscles, bones and teeth.

So don’t just go Walkies go Walk About!

This article was written and provided by Joe of Best Dog Crates and Beds. Best Dog and Beds is a leading resource in dog training tips, advice, and dog product reviews. Follow them on Twitter @BDogCratesNBeds